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 Токовые клещи  МУЛЬТИМЕТЕР SMD AMM-1 dlr - LoudSound
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The Audio Multimeter AMM-1 combines useful features of a digital multimeter (DMM), an AC current probe, a Power Meter (Power Factor analyzer), an Impedance Meter, a frequency counter, and a oscilloscope into 1 tool.
The purpose of this tool is to enable the user to:
Measure True Amplifier Power output into any load reactive or resistive
Measure Common DC voltages
Measure DC voltage drops during quick transients on cable runs or battery / charging systems
Measure Impedance of speakers at any power or frequency from 20Hz - 1kHz (box rise)
Measure Phase Difference between Voltage and Current into reactive loads (Power Factor)
Find Tuning Frequency of subwoofer enclosures
Tune subwoofer enclosures for maximum power transfer
Measure AC Volts (amplifier output)
Measure AC Amps (amplifier output)
Measure apparent power (VA) output, Phase Angle, and Real Power (Watts) of audio amplifier, or consumption of appliances that run on AC power
Measure Frequency of a Sine Wave
What is included?
The AMM-1 tool
Protective silicon rubber boot
This manual
DC Voltmeter: -100 Volts to +100 Volts
AC Voltmeter: 0 - 150 VRMS
AC Ammeter: 0 - 100 ARMS
AC Apparent Power: 0 - 15,000 VA
Power Factor: 50 - 100%
Frequency: 10 - 20,000 Hz
AC Impedance: 0 - 200 Ohms
True Power Dyno: 0 - 15,000 Watts
Auto-shut off timer: 8 - 10 minutes after ON button is pressed
Battery self-test and display of condition when AMM-1 is initialized
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